If you follow us we will more then likely follow you, Jeego loves making people smile!

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Jeego is a brilliant new way to send a smiley, smoochy, silly or saucy message to friends through your mobile!

It’s so easy – take your pick from thousands of cards, from mischief-making pranks to Disney’s cutest characters, choose a friend (through the address book, or from your Facebook or Twitter network), add your own message, and hey presto! It’s at their fingertips.

Put a grin on a friend’s face with a mischievous, sweet, or flirty animated message from Jeego. Choose your occasion, pick your favourite character, give it the personal touch with your own message, and in seconds they’ll be cracking a smile!

So whether your a Betty Boop Princess or bask in the happiness of Edward Monkton, there is a card for everyone and we are constantly updating our content to stay current, fresh and most importantly keep you Jeego's happy...

Every company needs a mission, it’s just a shame that most companies have long, boring and very corporate missions.

So we’ve decided to keep ours short, sweet and to the point:

"Jeego makes people smile”

Our blog will keep you up to date with the latest updates,features and content Jeego has to offer. Our Tumblr followers will get the opportunity to give creative ideas/opinions on future developments!

Happy Hump Day!

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